Does Weather Influence Exterior Painting?

Picture this. You finally decide to paint the exterior of your home. But the cold weather is preventing the paint from drying properly, the wind is blowing dirt into the paint, and then it rains, and the humidity causes the paint to not dry properly. 

The weather can very easily ruin an exterior painting project. This can happen before, during, and after painting. The best way to prevent the weather from ruining your project is to be prepared for all of the conditions that could occur. 


If it’s particularly hot, the paint can extend. If it’s especially cold, the paint can contract. This can lead to cracks in the paint. The wood or other material underneath the paint can also contract or expand, and this can result in paint that peels. A lot of direct sunlight that comes with warmer temperatures can also cause the paint to fade more quickly.


It’s not often you see someone painting the exterior of the house in the rain. That is because the humidity can greatly affect the painting project. It’s best to paint on a sunny, dry day so that the paint will dry properly. If it’s extremely humid or raining, the paint will deteriorate faster and take longer to dry.


Excessive wind can not only blow dirt into the paint, but it can cause paint to dry too quickly. The paint needs to form a film when it dries, and that may not happen with excessive wind. Over time, the wind can cause damage to your paint job, making it wear down and making a re-coat necessary. 

While it’s true that waiting for absolutely perfect weather may prevent you from ever having the house painted, it’s best to work with professional painters who are experienced and know when the conditions are good for painting. 

Reliable professionals will be able to look at the weather forecast and decide if there is too much humidity that day, if it’s too windy outside, or if the temperatures are too extreme. They have done this many times before so they have a comprehensive understanding of the best weather conditions for painting. 

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