What Are the Best Paint Colors for Guest Rooms?

If you are having guests visit your home, it’s important for them to feel welcomed and comfortable, especially if they have traveled a long distance to be with you. You want to have a guest room where your guests can relax and feel at ease. You want your guests to be able to have a good night’s rest. The colors of the guest room will have a big impact on how your guests feel during their stay.

Calming Colors

The most calming color is blue. Different shades of blue have been proven to help people to sleep better as they have a calming and relaxing effect on the body. You may want to look into softer, more relaxing shades like gentle powder blue, dreamy ocean blue, soft sky blue, or even a soft lavender. 

Another color that can have a calming effect is green. This is why people feel so relaxed in nature. Many  people choose to go with the lighter shades, like a light grassy color or sage, but deeper tones can also work really well in a guest bedroom.

Pastel colors like yellows and pinks can be great if you want to liven things up. You can keep the comfortable, cozy feeling while giving the room a little more warmth.

Multipurpose Rooms

Many people have had to use guest rooms for home office in recent years. There may be other reasons to have multiple purposes to a room. It can also be good to use calming and soothing colors to give you a comfortable place to work. 

Neutral colors can be great as well for shared spaces or multipurpose rooms. Using a beige or a white can give you a great backdrop, and you can look for more vibrant colors in any decorations, artwork, or even furniture for the room. 

If you want to go for a neutral color but you’d rather stay away from white, there are a lot of great shades of gray. Many people use a blend of beige and gray. It can also be great to go with a “barely there” pink or yellow: a blend of beige and the smallest amount of pink or yellow. 

Finding Interior Painters 

No matter what color scheme you ultimately decide on for a guest room—whether it has one purpose or many—it’s important for you to be able to find painters you can rely on. Use our site to find the best painters in your area.