Drywall is a significant part of most modern homes. It’s resistant to fire, it’s sturdy, and it’s great for building. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for drywall to become damaged. 

Whether you’re looking at a minor dent from moving furniture or a series of holes caused by plumbing or electrical work, it’s important to consult the professionals when you need drywall repair services.

If you attempt to fix it yourself, you’re likely to make a huge eye sore even worse. Professional-quality drywall repair services are needed when you’re wanting more than haphazardly smearing some spackle on the wall.


Young man in goggles fixing drywall suspended ceiling to metal frame using electrical screwdriver on ceiling insulated with shiny aluminum foil. Renovation, construction, do it yourself concept.

Some of the most common drywall issues include:

Holes – Holes are typically caused by a forceful impact, like a slamming door or someone accidentally falling into the wall.

Removals – When removing art, mirrors, or other objects from the wall can lead to pieces of drywall falling off.

Water damage – Usually caused by leaking pipes, water damage cannot only weak the structural integrity of the drywall, but it can actually be dangerous for your health.

Furniture scuffs – Handling furniture in a careless manner can lead to dents and holes in the drywall.

Dented corner bead – The piece of metal that is used to join two sheets of drywall at a corner is called a corner bead. Regular wear and tear can cause it to become dented. 

These are the main issues people typically have with drywall. For many, drywall repairs are mainly cosmetic. Drywall that is damaged ruins the appearance of the entire wall. 

It may be tempting to cover that hole with a piece of art or a bookshelf, but drywall repair is important for homeowners. Certain cracks and patches can have an impact on the structural integrity of your home. And it may end up being more costly if you wait a long time to have it repaired.